Specialised Products

We undertake commissions for other Vintage Vehicles with our usual high Standards and attention to original detail.

Our most recent commissions include radiator caps for 12/50 Alvis and 20/25 Rolls Royce

We manufacture a selection of specialist products for

Alvis, Bugatti, Bentley, Fraser – Nash, Lagonda, MG, Rolls Royce, Sunbeam Swallow.

SPECIALS Price Gallery
Vintage Tax Disc Holders
Vintage Hose Clips in all sizes to suit
Lucas Headlamps R47, LB130, L133, L140
Rotax Headlamps 8” Alvis, Lagonda, MG
Cav Side Lamps
Suitable for Alvis, Swallow, Bugatti & Lagonda
£365. pair
Radiator Caps for MG, Sunbeam

Alvis Price Gallery
Radiator Caps Alvis 12/50
Cav Side Lamps  £365. pair
Headlamps Rotax 8” £1900.

Bentley Price Gallery
Dash Starter Button £185.
Steering Wheels from £900.
Magneto Coil Conversion £900.
Dash Lamp £185.

MG Price Gallery
Hose clips Nesthill £12.
Banora Radiator caps £125.
Banora petrol Filler Caps £175.
MG J2 Bonnet catches £385. set
MG 1880 Bonnet catches £75. each
M type Bonnet catches £75 each.
L140 Headlamps £900. pair
Rotax Headlamps £1900. pair
Steering Wheels from £425.

Rolls Royce Price Gallery
Radiator Caps for Rolls Royce, Ghost, 20hp, 25/30, Phantom 1, 2, 3
Magneto Coil Conversions to suit most cars.
Mag Straps for all vintage cars
Rolls Royce Hose Clips £25. each

See our price list for more information.

We do our best to maintain prices throughout the year, however occasionally some items are subject to change due to increased costs beyond our control. Prices include VAT. Registration no 917077318