Hose clips

Vintage Hose clips are a copy of original clips, fitted to many Vintage vehicles, from an Austin 7 to a Rolls Royce.
They add the finishing touch, giving an authentic appearance under the bonnet.
Enots and Nesthill hose clips are made from brass and nickel plated.

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Enots Hose clips brass or nickel Enots Hose clips brass or nickel £8. each
Nesthill  Hose clips Nesthill Hose clips £8.50 each 
Spring Steel Hose clips 12/4 16/6   £7.50 each
Radiator cap Ruby   £20.
Radiator Cap Box Radiator Cap Box £20.
Boyce meter  Brass or chrome   £46.
Radiator Cap for Boyce Meter Radiator Cap for Boyce Meter £28.
Radiator caps - 1930 late Radiator caps - 1930 late £18.
Austin wings for radiator cap chrome or nickel   £28.
Radiator wing badge for cowl   £16.
Cowl badge cleaning masks           £12.
Screws for radiator badge   £2. pair
Ruby Arrow      £6.
Oil cap bayonet type Oil cap bayonet type £18.
Petrol cap Box & Ruby Petrol cap Box & Ruby £24.
Petrol cap screw or bayonet type Chummy   £28.
Rubber Section    
Radiator hoses - all years Radiator hoses - all years £16. pair
Magneto drive coupling   £16.
Brake and clutch pedal rubber   £7. each
Cowl rubber per foot   £1.40
Cowl rubber set Ruby   £40.
Screen centre rubber Chummy   £8.
Screen to scuttle Chummy   £7.
Windscreen to glass per foot   £1.
Vacuum wiper tube per foot   £1.
Wiper blade   £5.each
Box running board mats   £65. pair
Ruby running board mats   £65. pair
Heel mats Austin script   £10. each

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