Headlamps are reproduced to a high standard, made in brass and finished in chrome or black.
Available for 6 or 12 volt.

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L 140 Headlamps suitable for MG   £650. pair
LB 130 Headlamps Box & Ruby from £450. pair
Lucas badge for LB 130   £5
Lucas Diffuser stickers   £6.set
R47 Headlamps as original   £550. pair
Lucas badge for R47   £5.
Headlamp reflector reproduction   £24. each
Headlamp reflector new original Silvered   £45.
Headlamp parts all available separately   p.o.a.
Headlamp brackets short wheel Box 1931   £20. pair
Headlamp bolts   £8. each
Headlamp wire clips   £1. each
Rotax Headlamps 8” for MG, Alvis, Lagonda    
CAV Side Lamp Alvis Swallow, Buggati, Lagonda L 140 Headlamps suitable for MG £350. pair
Rear lights    
Pork pie rear light   £45. each
Ruby rear stop tail (wing mounted)   £44. each
Lucas rear light barrel type   £45. each
Reflectors red for rear wing   £12. each
Indicator System 6 Volt 12 Volt    

(To suit Chummy Box and Ruby)
Inc 4 Rubberoid Lamps Indicator Switch
Flasher Unit and fixing brackets

Indicator System  £85.
Electronic indicator unit with hazard lights   £175.
Halogen fit 7 workshop reflectors std 15mm pp bayonet   £28. pair
Halogen 15mm standard headlamp   £28.
Side light   £1.
Stop tail   £1.
Headlight   £3.
Ignition warning   £1.
Dynamo brushes   £8.set
Mag dyno   £8.set
CAV dyno   £8.set
Lucas C35A   £8.set
Lucas C35M   £8.set
Starter brushes   £8.set
Early 1923 Starter   £8.set
Bacon slicer starter   £8.set
Later starter   £8.set
HT lead per foot   80p
HT lead sets with HT connectors’   £12.
HT lead connectors’   £2. each
HT brass screws   £1. each
Spark plugs 18mm   £5.
Spark plugs 14mm   £4.
Mag switch C.A.V   £28.
Brake stop switch new /old stock available   £16.
Rist horn reproduction 6 or 12 volt Rist horn reproduction 6 or 12 volt £64.
Rist horn badge   £5.
Horn button nickel or chrome Chummy   £16.
Horn Button Box   £8.
Jet key   £8.
Cowl badge cleaning masks   £12.
Valve compressor   £18.
King pin extractor   £12.
Rear spring pin extractor   £12.
Fly wheel extractor   £12.
Hub extractor   £12.
Clutch aligning tool   £12.
C spanner   £10.
King Pin greaser   £7.50
Half shaft securing tool for use when tightening nut   £24.


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