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Speedo 100mph Reconditioned

Oil Pressure Gauge 0-60 PSI

Silver faced Speedo 0-60

Body disc and quote this no plates




Petrol Dipstick 4 gal Chummy

Petrol Dipstick 4 gal 1930 Box Saloon scuttle tank

Petrol Dipstick 5 gal 1931 short wheel base Box

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Headlamps & electrical

Mirrors & Tax Disc Holders

Tax Disc Holder

Tax Disc Holder

Tax Disc Holder with bracket 


Austin Seven Mirrors

Over taking mirror chummy fits on screen upright

Rear view mirror chummy Rear view mirror Box Overtaking mirror Ruby - clamp on door hinge Overtaking mirror
Oblong close to original, mounting T bar                  

Mirrors & tax disc holders price list >>>


Hose clips

Coil conversion


Oil filler cap Brass bayonet fitting


Engine price list >>>



Advance & retard column centre casing

Radiator badge Austin script

Bonnet catches

Mag switch C.A.V

Magneto coil conversions complete

Petrol cap screw or bayonet type

Rist horn reproduction 6 or 12 volt Austin Body disc & quote this no Bumper bolts Ruby Bonnet vent handle Ruby
Brake stop switch new /old stock available GIFT / NOVELTY                

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Steering wheels

Specialised Products




New Products

Pressure Pump

Pressure Pump

Pressure Pump

Pressure Pump


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