Engine parts

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Head gasket low compression   £28.
Head gasket high compression   £28.
Cylinder Head studs   £15.set
Cylinder Head nuts & washers - 5/16 BSF   £5. set
Exhaust Manifold studs and brass nuts   £8.set
Exhaust Manifold brass nut   80p each
Exhaust Down pipe nuts and bolts   £5.set
King pin set   £36.set
King pin girling   £40.set
Cotter Pins   £2.
Mag bottom end gasket set   £10.
Mag top end gasket set   £12.
Coil gasket set   £18.
Magneto coil conversions complete   £450.
Simms drive brass   £18.
Simms coupling rubber   £12.
Fan belt mag Chummy   £6.
Fan pulley Chummy & Box   £18.
Fan belt coil Box & Ruby   £6.
Core Plugs large   70p
Core Plugs small   50p
Spark plugs 18mm   £4.
Spark plugs 14mm   £3.
Carburettor spindle 26VA   £18.
Carb jets 26 VA   £18. pair

22 FZ Carburettor parts

Bronze Carb top and Bob weights              £24.
Bronze Carb Spindle   £12.
Bronze updraught slow running adjuster   £8. each
Choke flap for bronze carb   £6.
Carb choke spring   £4.
Carb bob weights   £10. pair
Carb float needle and valve   £18.
Top water inlet   £9.
Top water gasket   £1.
Side water manifold   £16.
Side water gasket   £1.
Oil pumps reconditioned bored 1/32 veins ground   £48.
Oil filler cap Brass bayonet fitting Oil filler cap Brass bayonet fitting £18.
Oil pump springs   £2.pair
Oil pump relief ball and spring   1.50 each
Sump bolts   80p each
Sump plug   £5.each
Sump gauze Brass mesh   £8.
Petrol pump repair kit   £14.
Petrol Tap Chummy              £28.
Bearings all supplied for A7 & 12/4   various

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