Coil conversion

A Coil conversion replaces the existing magneto, your vehicle will not require any modifications as the unit is held in position with your existing mag strap. You will find itís the solution to all your magneto problems, giving you the ultimate reliability of a modern coil ignition system.
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Magneto Coil Conversions complete Magneto Coil Conversions complete £450.
Mag strap brass as original          Mag strap £24.
Mag switch CAV   £28.
Mag bottom end gasket   £10.
Mag top end gasket   £12.
Blic Magneto end cover nickel   £16.
Simms drive brass   £18.
Simms coupling rubber   £15.
Bosch Distributor inc drive gear   £95.
Distributor drive gear   £22.
Points 009 Distributor   £5.
Rotor arm   £5.
Condenser   £5.
Dynamo drive gear early   £35.
Dynamo end cover nickel plated   £28.
Zenith Carburettor Parts Zenith Carburettor Parts  
Carburettor spindle 26VA     £18.
Carb jets 26 VA          £18. pair
Bronze carb tops with bob weights   £24.
Bronze carb spindle                                 £12.
Bronze up draught slow running adjuster            £8. each
Choke flap for bronze carb              £6.
Carb choke spring     £4.
Carb bob weights   £10. pair
Carb float needle and valve   £18.
Carb jet   £18. pair

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