About Us

It all began in Scotland when William was captivated by an Austin Seven, as a young boy. This enthusiastic interest eventually led, in 1976 to the purchase of a 1934 Austin Seven Box Saloon.

Still a young man this renovation took several years to complete, but as a member of the Dorset Austin Seven Club, Willie was able to share his renovation experiences and have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the thrills of double declutch driving and the camaraderie of club runs and rallies.

One memorable exploit in 1982, was the John O’Groats to Lands End challenge, undertaken with good friend Phil in his 1935 MK1 Ruby, completed in 20 hours 11 minutes, quite an achievement, with many amusing experiences en route.
A good few years later the addition of a 1929 Chummy helped fulfill the continued enthusiasm and later to accommodate a growing family a 1924 Austin Heavy 12 Clifton Tourer and a 1927 Windsor Saloon were added.

Spares were becoming difficult to source, but this posed no problem as a skilled engineer Willie made his own.
These talents didn’t go unnoticed, his ability and quality of workmanship were soon recognized in Austin circles. Needless to say, it wasn’t long before his services were in high demand and he started to make different components to help out other enthusiasts.

As demand increased Austin Reproduction Parts was created. The new business was run alongside a full time job, so several manic years followed with Willie being solely responsible for producing an ever increasing range of items.
Finally in 2004 Willie decided to give the business his full attention, moving to new industrial premises in 2007.

Today after many years of hard work, not only supplying his own customers and other Austin Seven traders, Austin Reproduction Parts Ltd have moved into producing quality specialised parts for a range of Vintage and Classic vehicles and can be seen at many auto jumbles including September Beaulieu. Stall no 145 green.

Look out for us to as we continue to expand our range!